Born and raised Caracas, Venezuela under the influence of kinetic art.
Based in Caracas and Miami, Florida.
Her artistic development first started in the photography field but soon she discovered the digital world. 
Marinne Sucre’s recent work can be described as digital, graphic and abstract art with a strong influence of kinetic and op art. She uses color and shapes to create visual effects that involve the viewer with the piece.
Marianne combines theory of color and saturated finishes with order and movement at the same time to represent feelings, energy and life itself creating her own dialogue. She uses her art as a medium of interaction.
The artist creates art pieces that are constantly challenging our senses. Using different finishes and trying new technology.
On the first look, the viewer can be attracted by the saturated color but after a few minutes, the image evolves into something more complex, the brain recognizes other forms and perspectives.
 These pieces are inspired by kinetic, op art and abstract geometry. The artist works with color theory and forms distortion to create an optical game.

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